Designing for Web 3.0

Human centered design & Augmented reality for the metaverse

Our Services

Main services: Creativity & Performance

human centered UI design

We create interfaces that are not only visually appealing but also intuitive and functional, ensuring that the overall experience meets user needs.

Global scalable animations

We create lightweight, scalable animations for your website and apps. We Significantly reduce the file size before handoff for better performance and load speed.

AR for the metaverse

We are Spark AR Certified. We build intuitive, customizable augmented reality experiences with the metaverse flagship creation software.


No more boring stuff

Everyone’s making videos

Video sharing  platforms like YouTube or vimeo command an audience of over three billion monthly users and they are great tools for sharing, hosting and searching inside their ecosystem’s database.


Free sharing and hosting is one thing , interacting with the user is another.
Our solution is an native based interactive 100% html or AR post productions
that interact with the user in many ways, such as making decisions, answering questions, deciding what to do next (timeline options) and generally being a part of a personalised virtual trip that only the user can choose how to drive and what direction to take.

Interactive videos are more memorable than traditional videos, they do not distract with ads, they are hosted in your server and most of all, you have total control on them because you can change your storyboard at any time.

About ArtMinds

Artminds is a small but mighty remote agency that provides fast and efficient services.

The company founded in 2014 and since then it delivers it’s services globaly.

Artminds agency supports in full scale startup companies and as smaller team, works at a faster pace and goes with the flow since  the is no need to jump through so many approval loops or follow numerous time-sapping processes like the big marketing agencies out there…

We are modest in size, we are huge on delivering creative solutions

Tech we use:

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